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Entre Poetas y Presos (Digital Ed.)

Digital edition.

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12,00 € tax incl.

  • Defender a Quien Defiende
  • La Raíz only

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Collaborative Digital Edition.

Thank you very much for putting value to our work when downloading. The same way you have choosen to collaborate with our project, we also want to do our part, and that's why we give you the choice to support Defender a Quien Defiende (Defend the Defender), a NGO against criminalization of protest and for the defense of civil and politic rights. If you don't know them yet, or if you want to know more about them, you can watch the video below.

In case you decide to support them when collaborating with the album, 50% of the share will go entirely to their project. In case you decide not to support them, all of it will go to La Raíz.

Thank you very much for jumìng to our train.

Entre poetas y presos (Among poets and prisoners).

Defender a quien defiende and La Raíz. March 2016.

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