La Raíz, as we know it today, was born in 2006 in Gandía (Valencia). In the last 12 years they have released 4 studio albums, 2 singles and their latest work, a DVD recorded live at the Palacio de Vistalegre (Madrid) in front of more than 10,000 people. La Raíz travels on national and international stages through rock, ska and hip hop. A brutal energy on stage is their hallmark. Their motto: War on silence.



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  • 14
    Official Statement

    Official Statement

       Life made us land in Gandía...our families came from Mozambique, Colombia, France, Palencia, Murcia, Valencia, Gandía....and here we fo...

  • 03
    Live DVD recording in Vistalegre

    Live DVD recording in Vistalegre

    It wasn't La Raíz, we were 10,011 people making music, making love. We were 20,000 hands making a tunnel.Thank you for letting us be a part of your ...

  • 25
    Latin America: Colombia & Mexico

    Latin America: Colombia & Mexico

    September "La Hoguera de los continentes" arrives to Latin America. This September La Raíz lands for a second time this year in Latin America. Two c...

  • 18
    Tour's halfway and final stretch

    Tour's halfway and final stretch

    Chile 2017 Journey Log, La Raíz, July 2017 We arrive to the halfway of July of "La hoguera de los continentes" and this 2017, and we regain that old ...

  • 27

    August 2014

    Journey Log, La Raíz, August 2014 August starts on the 1st, with a long journey, Adra. After corssing 5 provinces and thousands of greenhouses which...

  • 06
    New musical video: "El Circo de la Pena"

    New musical video: "El Circo de la Pena"

    NEW MUSICAL VIDEO OUT NOW We keep living looking for rythms and melodies which may let us escape. We want to know all kinds of music and we don't und...

  • 12
    New tour and live DVD recording

    New tour and live DVD recording

    LA RAÍZ 2017. This will be a special year. We will travel to places we never reached before. We will play only a few shows in Spain looking for even...

  • 04
    New musical video: La Hoguera de los Continentes

    New musical video: La Hoguera de los Continentes

    The best way to end this two intensive years of creation was with this song. La Hoguera de los Continentes (The Bondfire of the Continents) is the bo...

  • 11

    Entre Poetas y Presos, available now

    Oue new album is now available to listen and download on all the online platforms and shops in Spain. For those who want to listen, buy or donwload, ...

  • 15

    New musical video: Rueda la Corona

       Rueda la Corona is our new musical video. We have chosen the most satiric song in the album for it, because for us it seems like a joke ...



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