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Live DVD recording in Vistalegre

News03 Nov, 2017

It wasn't La Raíz, we were 10,011 people making music, making love. We were 20,000 hands making a tunnel.Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives like that. We're in shock. Oh, thank you. Pictures by Irene Bernad Photography  

Upcoming shows

Right now there aren't any shows planned. We'll see each other again!

Latin America: Colombia & Mexico

News25 Jul, 2017

September "La Hoguera de los continentes" arrives to Latin America. This September La Raíz lands for a second time this year in Latin America. Two countries, Colobia and Mexico, and three cities: Bogotá, Guadalajara and Ciudad de México will be the place where...

Tour's halfway and final stretch

Journey log18 Jul, 2017

Chile 2017 Journey Log, La Raíz, July 2017 We arrive to the halfway of July of "La hoguera de los continentes" and this 2017, and we regain that old tradition of writing a journey log at least to make balance of this...

New musical video: "El Circo de la …

News06 Jun, 2017

NEW MUSICAL VIDEO OUT NOW    We keep living looking for rythms and melodies which may let us escape. We want to know all kinds of music and we don't understand about epochs, stages or class music.    This is why...

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