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New musical video: La Hoguera de los Con…

News04 Apr, 2016

   The best way to end this two intensive years of creation was with this song. La Hoguera de los Continentes (The Bondfire of the Continents) is the bondfire where 99% of world population dance. To light this "peculiar bondfire...

Entre Poetas y Presos, available now

News11 Mar, 2016

Oue new album is now available to listen and download on all the online platforms and shops in Spain. For those who want to listen, buy or donwload, you can do so using the links below: Spotify: www.laraiz.es Itunes:

New musical video: Rueda la Corona

News15 Feb, 2016

   Rueda la Corona is our new musical video. We have chosen the most satiric song in the album for it, because for us it seems like a joke that some prehistoric and rotten institutions still have power. And we...

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